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Sales 101: Sales for People Who Aren't Sales Pro's

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"Sales 101: Sales for People Who Aren't Sales Pro's (& great reminders for people who are)."
Think About 'Sales' in the Right Way and You'll Suddenly Sell More (& still feel good about yourself!)

If you're not selling enough, this is probably the reason. How to understand the process. Why do YOUR prospects buy? How to know if the person you're interacting with is actually likely to buy. Prioritize how you invest your most valuable resource. The most important skill in selling and how you can learn it - quickly! Stop Being Frustrated and Worrying About How to Sell: Stick with This Simple Approach and You'll Know What to Do (almost) Every Time

Always do this first. How to never have unexpected road blocks or objections again. How to quit being uncomfortable talking about money and price. How to make a presentation that's (almost) guaranteed to connect with and motivate your prospect to buy. Now. How to help your prospects get their concerns addressed and make the right decision. Make "buyer's remorse" a non-issue from now on.
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