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Chi Sao, Hing Hay Park
Where to find us: By the pagoda in Hing Hay Park, opposite side of the ping pong table. There is a big brick courtyard where you'll see people playing playing chess & games. That's where we'll be. Starts at 2 PM, but arrive & depart whenever you like. We'll wrap up by 3PM. What to bring: usually wise to have some water so you can stay hydrated. What to expect: 1. Informal, casual atmosphere for training. 2. Please trim your nails before attending. 3. 15 minute rule. If no one shows up by 2:15, we'll go ahead and cancel. 4. That this is about training, not fighting. Please assume best intentions. Let's set a good example as martial artists. 5. Please be kind & gentle in worldly matters. Communicate about speed, intensity, and such before training. If there is rain: We will train underneath the pagoda where it is nice and dry. If weather is severe and we need to cancel, I will send a note.

Chinatown - Hing Hay Park

Maynard Ave S & S King Street · Seattle, WA

What we're about

Looking for Kung Fu friends to practice Chi Sao! This meetup is for students of the Ving Tsun ("Wing Chun," "Wing Tsun," etc.) style of Kung Fu from southern China & Hong Kong. We meet up and do Chi Sao, simple as that. Our group is friendly, inclusive, and informal. This is safe space for learning & practice and is open to anyone.

Ze rules (version two):

• ngoi tung moon tyunh git lok kwan ("love your Kung Fu sisters & brothers, enjoy working together as a group.")

• seyhg chyu sai taai do waan man ("deal with worldly matters with a kind attitude, cultivate a gentle manner.")

• No one here cares about lineage. We are all extended family. All styles/lineage welcome!

• All experience levels welcome. Come & go as you please. Practice how you like. No set warm ups.

• 15-minute rule. If no one shows up before 2:15 PM, we'll go ahead and cancel the meetup.

• Please, please, please trim your fingernails before doing Chi Sao.

• This is really about training, not fighting. There are many schools of thought on this, but the goal of this meetup is having a good chi sao, learning, and sharing. The objective is to learn and get better, not be sloppy and try to hurt someone. No one wants to spend more time talking about who hit whom than actually doing chi sao.

• Let's please be respectful of other arts, including MMA. I've cross-trained in jiu jitsu, many friends in Ving Tsun went on to box professionally or do MMA. I've trained people to fight MMA with Ving Tsun. We can be proud of what we do and still remain open-minded.

If you don't vibe with that, then no judgment, but I am afraid that this is not the ideal situation for you.

Group meets at 2:00 PM in Hing Hay Park, Chinatown on the third Sunday of the month. Meetup lasts one hour.

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