• Chef, Fairwinds and OverOps Present the 3rd Annual DevOps + SRE Summer BBQ

    We are back in our 3rd year celebrating at our good friends Chef in Pioneer Square. Thanks to some incredible co-sponsors--Chef, Fairwinds, Polyverse and OverOps have come together to create a fun, light event of connecting folks in the DevOps and SRE space. TL;DR; ☁️🛠🎉📆 Seattle DevOps + SRE Summer BBQ at Chef Software on Thursday July 11th at 5:30 - 8:30pm. Don't forget to RSVP. + Great Food + Great Music + Career Room (Looking for work/candidates) + Nintendo Switch Games (big multi-player) + Networking with your DevOps friends There is a rich culture of technical meetups in the Seattle area. Join us to celebrate and network while enjoying catered food (BBQ + Veggies), Live DJ, Drinks, Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 for the Gamers, and a dedicated space to helping find your next opportunity in the careers room. Each guest must RSVP; so please indicate if you are bringing a guest and how many. Weather permitting, enjoy the beautiful view of the Puget Sound on Chef’s rooftop deck! We will have a DJ spinning tunes to ensure the atmosphere is light and welcoming. The event and music begins at 5:30pm and last call will be 8:15pm. If you arrive early take time and enjoy the food, music and connect with folks. Promptly at 6pm, there will be a welcome announcement by Jason Grimes. Vendors, sales, recruiters please put your business cards away and enjoy an evening of great people, music, BBQ, networking. And of course a special thanks to our sponsors: Chef Software, Fairwinds, OverOps, and Polyverse for making this happen! If you are interested in sponsoring this event or another please reach out to the Organizer. Sincerely, Jason Grimes

  • Burnout: Community Problem & Community Solution

    Note: The last Tuesday of October is Halloween, so this is on Wednesday November 1st! Intro Talk: With the constant demand to build systems rapidly with more resiliency and less budget, compounded with on-call support duties and a seemingly endless stream of alerts, it’s no wonder that burnout has become a serious problem within the DevOps community. In this session I’ll share ways that you can identify burnout and actions steps to prevent yourself from burning out. But we are also a DevOps community, which means we need to take care of each other. I’ll provide an easy to remember framework attendees can implement to identify, help and support others experiencing burnout and mental health issues. Speaker: Jason Yee Jason is a technical writer and evangelist at Datadog, where he works to inspire developers and ops engineers with the power of metrics and monitoring. He’s also a co-organizer of DevOpsDays Portland. When he’s not speaking at conferences or helping organize them, he likes to spend time on planes “travel hacking” and hunting for interesting, regional whiskey. Round Table Discussion After Jason's talk we'll have a round table discussion about burnout in our industry.

  • Archetype Of An SRE Superhero; A DevOps Journey

    Concur has recently gone through this digital transformation of the business from a monolith application with 2 major releases per year to each 700+ developers who are committed to owning their own code in Production and owning performance from an end-to-end; giving product teams the ownership from design through production release and operations. No we have a team of 6 SREs to influence the greater orgs practices to more than 1000 developers. As an aspiring SRE Superhero we subscribe to the idea that we are here to engineer our way out of this technical debt, AWS availability zone crisis, or even during natural disasters we stand ready as the superheroes of today’s modern infrastructure. We are here to put the right talent, practices, strategies, change control and ultimately global teamwork together to run todays high availability production operations business environment. Group attendees would walk away with knowing: * How to build an SRE Superhero; that scales with new technologies * Specific characteristics we think an SRE Team needs to possess to be successful in todays ever changing orgs * How to recruit in this new paradigm of SRE/DEVOPS (what are the common backgrounds and career paths) * How to #LevelUp during conferences, Meetups and Always Be Learning Please arrive by 7pm. We will have someone let people in until then. About Jason Grimes I tweet, share on LinkedIn, big fan of GIFs as teaching moments, occasional Snaps, but Insta has my heart. I’m into art, media, music and yes, communication. I’m high energy, high anxiety, highly caffeinated generation-xer who spent almost 15 years in the industry before I knew what my gift was. I was always good at Operations, but this new movement this DevOps + SRE speaks to my core of radical evangelical change that companies like Concur need as they transition from the monolith to microservices and true ownership of end-to-end performance. I have the buy in from Execs, the dollars from the Org and the best toolsets in the business, now it’s up to us to champion best practices for the org of more than 700+ Developers worldwide.

  • Seattle Serverless/Seattle DevOps Joint Meetup

    NOTE THE DIFFERENT LOCATION AND TIME! Come join us for a special night of presentations focused on the intersection of DevOps and Serverless! Please RSVP at http://meetu.ps/e/D7KY3/mgC/f RSVPing here does not give us an accurate count. • 5:30 Doors Open • 6:00-6:45 Serverless First at RealSelf: RealSelf has adopted a 'serverless first' approach for devops administrivia. Ed Anderson ( DevOps manager at RealSelf, https://twitter.com/edyesed ) will present on the good, the bad, and the ugly about our path to serverless adoption. • 7:00-7:45 Lessons from three Serverless years at Nordstrom: The Nordstrom serverless team shares their experiences (tips, tricks, and mistakes) exclusively shipping features to production using serverless architectures since 2014. They'll also speak about helping teams get started with serverless and walk through their two main open source projects, serverless-artillery and hello-retail. • 8:30 Doors Close

  • Community Learning


    Sorry for the late notice. This month we will be repeating our 'mini-unconference'. Bring a topic you are interested in talking about or learning about. We will gather topics, find volunteer moderators, and vote. The top three topics will break out and discuss until we are done or our hosts need to kick us out. The basis 'rules' of the Unconference (via http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/UnConference_%27Rules%27 ) (1) The people who come are the best people who could have come. 2) Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened. 3) It starts when it starts. 4) It's over when it's over. 5) The Law of Two Feet ("If you are not learning or contributing to a talk or presentation or discussion it is your responsibility to find somewhere where you can contribute or learn"). Like all 'laws' or 'principles' at an Unconference, participants should feel free to break any or all of these rules if they feel that they are not contributing to the intellectual rigour or content of the event. Come hang out and talk with folks who deal with the same issues of Systems Administration, Agile Development, System Deployment, and Operations that you do. Talk with other developers and administrators that are actively working on optimizing their processes with automation and infrastructure management tools.

  • DevOps - digital DNA for the modern enterprise

    TIBCO Software Inc

    Please REGISTER for this Workshop Here. https://www.tibco.com/events/innovation-workshop-seattle-devops Join thought and industry leaders from TIBCO and Cognizant for a hands-on session on how to kickstart DevOps in your organization―along with a deep dive on scaling it beyond the initial steps through modern software delivery patterns and integration platforms. If you are you trying to accelerate software delivery through a lean and modern engineering organization, then join this session to hear about enterprise DevOps and associated concepts such as CI/CD pipelines, smart automation, and DevOps toolchains. There may also be an opportunity to (optionally) try out some of these concepts, so bring your laptop! Agenda 5:30pm - 6:00pm - Registration/Networking 6:00pm - 6:45pm - Cognizant Presentation – Big Picture DevOps 6:45pm - 7:30pm - TIBCO Presentation – DevOps Integration 7:30pm - 8:00pm - Optional Hands-On Lab Presented By: Chris Diaz - Office of the CTO TIBCO Software Arvind Vathul - Associate Director, Principal Architect - DevOps/Digital Systems Cognizant

  • No Meetup, Party at Chef

    Chef Software, Inc.

    Hey everyone, no meetup planned for this month. Chef is throwing a party for Habitat and its first birthday on the same day. Hope to see you there. https://pages.chef.io/Habitats1stBirthday_RSVP.html

  • Seattle DevOps Meetup - DevOps 2 Democracy

    This is second in a series of talks to raise awareness and educate engineers in DevOps about trends in the emerging field of electronic democracy. America has a problem with election systems. When you cast your vote, where does it go? How do you know it’s been counted? How would you know if it were compromised? This talk will present a high level overview of an election system, using information from the Washington State Election Modernization project and interviews with government insiders. We’ll touch on compliance, regulation, and accountability while discussing the services and infrastructure necessary for a modern election system. Then we’ll learn about voting in Estonia, a tiny Balkan nation that has had online voting for a decade, and leads the world in the implementation of e-government. Also I’ll go over some notes on the history and strategy of Russian cyberwarfare, and some exciting news from Code for America: they plan to build an ‘identity aware’ platform for civic tech applications. Ele Munjelis is a DevOps Engineer for JPL/NASA. Since 2012, she has volunteered her time speaking, coding, and publishing on electronic democracy. Her open source organization Devopracy is dedicated to engineering online deliberation applications and transparent election systems. Please arrive by 7pm. We will have someone let people in until then. Come hang out and talk with folks who deal with the same issues of Systems Administration, Agile Development, System Deployment, and Operations that you do. Talk with other developers and administrators that are actively working on optimizing their processes with automation and infrastructure management tools.

  • DevOpsDays Party!

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    DevOpsDays Seattle is happening at the end of this month and the organizers have invited the community to join the party WEDNESDAY NIGHT. No Tuesday night meetup this month. We hope to see you there.

  • Seattle DevOps Meetup - Todd Wilson from REI

    Todd Wilson is director of software engineering at REI where he leads development on platform technologies, SRE and the software engineering competency. He’s been with REI for 10 years and prior to that worked as a software engineer at IBM. Todd is also an organizer for DevOpsDays Seattle. Chuck Chemis is the Enterprise Architect for Cloud at REI. Over the past 6 months Todd and Chuck have been building their public cloud foundation for AWS as well as Azure. They'd like to share the approach, some of our learnings and where we’re headed to next. Please arrive by 7pm. We will have someone let people in until then. Come hang out and talk with folks who deal with the same issues of Systems Administration, Agile Development, System Deployment, and Operations that you do. Talk with other developers and administrators that are actively working on optimizing their processes with automation and infrastructure management tools.