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D&D 3.5 Campaign: Champions of the Titans Eye. Looking for 1-2 players.

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My group is about to start up a new campaign, and we'd like one or two more players to join us. As a group, we have been gaming together for about five years, and we would really like to find some folks who are interested in committing to a lengthy campaign and future campaigns as well.

We run D&D 3.5 and we are open to Pathfinder material as well. We do tend to play high fantasy campaigns with a power level to match. Currently, we are running gestalt characters (if that is a new word to you, check out the SRD and the details are there). Moreover, we are also using slightly modified narrative mechanics borrowed from FATE system. If it sounds like a lot, it's not. We are happy to walk you through our tweaks to the system, and more than anything we just want to find some players who are eager to sit down at the table and have a relaxed adventure exploring the world and regaining our angelic heritage. Oh yeah, and the premise: angels, betrayed, reborn as mortals attempting to find who betrayed them, and why, before their unknown enemy succeeds in whatever his nefarious plan is. Again, experience is by no means a requirement, just a desire to game and the ability to be a regular at the game table.
We even have an obsidian portal page, with a PC or two for the game uploaded so you can check it out. Also, some details about the world and system are there as well.
This campaign is going to run regularly every other Saturday, starting at noon and occurring EITHER at the GM's apartment building in the U-district OR in Lakecity at the house of another current player. (One a side note, we run another D&D campaign on the opposite saturdays, and we are happy to take on new players for that game as well. It is composed of the same gamers as this group). We are happy to take people on after the campaign has started, so no worries.

If interested, reply, PM me, or email me at My group and I look forward to gaming with you.

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