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Scarred South LFR: The Fall of Elturgard, Part 1 of 2?

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October/November Scheduling Note: It has been suggested that we might try to play the double-length ELTU4-4 (1–10) over a course of two consecutive weekends, since I'm trying to move so the weekends don't coincide with Seattle Mob Day. As we are not likely to make two tables ever again, those who can make October 27th and not November 3rd (or vice versa) will have to be credited for having made it to some encounters and not others, meaning the character would not be allowed to play the other half later (which is not something that he'd likely have the chance to do anyway).

For the Future: There has also been talk of running even more often. For instance, Mike A. has offered to host on Friday nights. However, I am currently running regularly six nights a month and usually more, so I am preparing so many published adventures (including ones people have already played) that I am not getting around to writing my own. So unless someone else wants to do some judging, I am not planning on increasing the frequency at the moment. I can, however, think about moving one or both of the monthly Scarred South LFR sessions to Friday night to accommodate Grady, depending on who else can work with that.

Important: I will be limiting the maximum (but not minimum) table sizes strictly as in the campaign rules, as in my experience, having to fight just to be heard and wait for everyone to argue and to take turns is not fun. This means that, although people who don't sign up will be accommodated as possible, they will be the most likely to miss out on playing altogether.

I understand that this is harsh. I've thought of two ways you can avoid this danger (other than being quicker than anyone else):

First, you can be ready to recruit some of the players for an overflow table of another game. Although you can try to convince someone else to do so, this is likely to be most successful if you offer to DM it. I would go so far to advise that most everyone has an obscure adventure prepared to run for emergencies. We can talk about what is obscure enough that no one has played it or read it. For instance, Rod ran ADAP4-2 "Stick in the Mud" (1–5) after having it ready for some months, and I think Big Red is familiar with AGLA1-1 "Lost Temple of the Fey Gods" (1–4) and CALI3-1 "Menace of Memnon" (1–10), but has not been in the best health lately. Depending on who shows up each time, hopefully neither will have to judge all the time. Paul and Marleon are also known DMs. If we have to split and don't have four players for each table, I suggest the DM or one of the faster players using a simple pregen to fill it out.

Second, you can volunteer your time to organize some of these meetups yourself, so we have to listen to your rules!

Priority will go to those who post actual comments here stating their ability to participate (preferably with some idea of what levels and types of characters you have available). Almost no one is bothering to use the Warhorn stuff.

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