New DMs for South End D&D?

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The Seattle Dungeons & Dragons and RPG Meetup Group
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Hey Seattle DMs! This is not an 'actual' event, but a call-to-arms for anyone interested and available to help us out @ Raconteur in Columbia City, to run public-play 5E sessions. We've had a stable player based for almost a year now, and we typically have high attendance, and very few 'no-shows'.

The "ask" is to DM a few times in August and / or September, and ideally (with a good fit) be able to DM regularly come Autumn (twice a week?). The DM time committed is 6pm-9pm Thursdays, with the games running ~6:30pm-8:30pm weekly.

The space is *amazing*: we have a private dining room that can hold up to three concurrent games. The staff are friendly and super-supportive, the drinks are well priced, and the food is tasty. It's called Raconteur, located in Columbia City, 5041 Wilson Ave S. They've very generously reserved their dining room for us , as the French say.

If you would like to help out, or have questions / ideas, please do contact me either via Meetup Message or email: [masked]

Many thank!