Adventurer's League (5th ed. D&D Organized Play) - Tier 1


Come join the D&D Adventurer's League! This is organized play for 5th edition D&D. We are recruiting new players and you don't need to be familiar with the system, we'll teach you the rules of the game. If you are already an experienced player, you're welcome to join too. If you don't have a character, don't worry, you can either use a pre-made character or create one with our help (we ask that you come no later than 6:30pm if you wish to create one). Our games usually last two to two and a half hours, so please don't be late.

General notes for all players:

• This is a Tier 1 game, allowing level 1-4 characters, running one shots.

• Don't worry if you don't have dice or other materials. The DMs will have extras of everything you need to play, even pre-made characters.

If you are bringing a character, here are some basic rules you'll need to follow to make it League compatible:

• No Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil characters. Lawful Evil characters are allowed as long as they are in the Zhentarum faction.

• No rolling for stats, point buy and standard array only.

• You may use material from the Player's Handbook plus one other Wizards-published addon book, such as Xanathar's Guide to Everything, Curse of Strahd, or Elemental Evil. You may not mix and match books.


• Please RSVP! Due to popularity of some evening's games we have to prefer RSVPed players.

• If you are running late, please message me (Alex) on Meetup so I know to save you a seat. Seats that are unclaimed at 7PM will otherwise go to someone who's not RSVPed on a first come, first serve basis.

• If you aren't coming, please remember to cancel your RSVP. This allows those on the waitlist to have a chance at playing, and helps the organizers get a better idea of head count.