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Details Eastside Social Club ( received passes for 'Find Your Valentine' at "SAFE HAVEN (" - a FREE screening and EARLY entry and I'd like to share our extra passes so you can join us. The movie starts at 7pm, early entry around 6:30pm, but you must be there by 6:15pm to get checked off the list and get your pass. Cannot say if you'd be allowed in after 6:15pm so don't be late. Space is limited and not guaranteed, however for the last few screenings everyone who signed and showed up got in and the theater wasn't full - I'm sure more would have been allowed in (happened before), so chances could be good for you getting in on this one too. Have to show up to see. Please read the event details before posting questions (if I don't respond, your answer is probably in the details) and follow the instructions. Much appreciated! ~Claudette

This is how it works:

Passes are 1st come, 1st served for early entry according to when you RSVP. Availability not guaranteed and I won't know how many passes are available until we're there. If you can't join us for the early entry, there's a chance you might join the general admission group - so come out and see - better than waiting hours to get in. This event is for Members only. If you note +1 (or the like), your RSVP will be removed. Arrive no later than 6:15pm. Meet along the side of the escalator facing the poster wall (i.e. on the right as you go up the escalator). Claudette will start handing out the extra screening tickets at 6:15pm. If you're not there when I call your name, you may lose your spot. Please sign up for one group only. A couple other select Meetup groups have been invited to this event. Any multiple RSVPs will be removed. Previous no-shows to any of my limited spaced events will be removed from the RSVP list (unless we've discussed it). Courtesy counts! If I remove your RSVP, do not just re-RSVP (and I'm not going to keep removing you) - see why it was removed. Hate to have you show and can't get it. Story: An affirming and suspenseful story about a young woman’s struggle to love again, Safe Haven is based on the novel from Nicholas Sparks, the best-selling author behind the hit films The Notebook and Dear John. When a mysterious young woman arrives in a small North Carolina town, her reluctance to join the tight knit community raises questions about her past. Slowly, she begins putting down roots, and gains the courage to start a relationship with Alex, a widowed store owner with two young children. But dark secrets intrude on her new life with such terror that she is forced to rediscover the meaning of sacrifice and rely on the power of love in this deeply moving romantic thriller.

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  • Jewels

    Not gonna make it after all. Bummer.

    5 years ago
  • Claudette

    Thanks everyone who made it out & the cooperation of those who didn’t get an early entry pass. I’m really glad that it worked out as I suggested you were able to get in w/ the general admission group. Even after that I saw a few empty sets. As a volunteer organizer I never know what to expect, like when they tried to get us in 10-15 mins early. BTW, for those who had questions: if, after re-reading the event details you have suggestions of how I could improve it (w/o making it longer) plz email me privately (not here). All in all I hope you enjoyed the movie. Personally I’m not a fan of romantic movies and wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t organized this event. But I gotta tell you, I’m glad I saw it. Not what I was expecting at all. Lots of laughs and some good suspense - even saw plenty of tear streaked faces afterward, too. 8 of us headed to Earl’s after (thanks for the idea Michelle) and half of us stayed talking until about 1am. Great movie, great conversation, great night!

    5 years ago
  • Patti L

    Great movie. Little bit of romance, drama, suspense, everything!

    5 years ago