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Dance Classes - "Blues" & "Tango Fusion" (Kirkland)

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Join us Monday evenings for some wonderful "blues" and "blues-tango fusion" dance classes in Kirkland. If you can't make it Monday, check out our Seattle classes on Tues or Wed below. Includes a wine & cheese social prior to the first class each night.

Full details and registration are at


Roll Up The Rug Fall Dance Classes Schedule (Sept-Oct)

FIVE MONDAYS's: (Nov 5-Dec 3) PLEASE NOTE: The MONDAY NIGHT classes are held at our KIRKLAND Studio (Address, directions, & details sent upon registration)

MONDAY THEME: "Introduction to dance and dance connection!", CLASS LEVEL: All Levels

7:00-8:00: "Blues Foundations - The Art of Partnering & Play" - Learn the true art of partner dancing with this fun blues-based introduction to dance framework, lead/follow connection, and energy as it applies to all forms of dance! Perfect for both beginning dancers or experienced dancers who want to focus on partnering and connection while learning a whole lot more about the blues.... 8:15-9:15: "Tango'd up in Blues!" - Blues and Argentine Tango, though completely different dances, share many overlapping features and are often seen danced together at late night parties or socials. While tango is the more difficult dance to master, blues provides the perfect entry level for learning the foundations of both dances as, like tango, it emphasizes and builds upon connection to your partner; it employs playful, sophisticated footwork that can crossover to either dance; it utilizes beautifully expressive slow & sultry music as a backdrop for dancers to innovate; and it is generally much more relaxed & forgiving to do. This class is the perfect introduction to the world of Tango-Blues fusion, with a focus on tango movements (ochos, ganchos, boleos, etc) that can easily be applied to blues music and styling! 9:15-9:45 Guided practice and social (FREE)

FIVE TUESDAY's: (Nov 6th - Dec 4th), plus free practica until 9:45pm. PLEASE NOTE: The TUESDAY NIGHT classes are held at China Harbor (See directions below)

TUESDAY THEME: "Let's invent!", CLASS LEVEL: Intermediate (some basic dance experience required)

7:00-8:00: "The Fantastic Foxtrot" - Learning the most popular dance of early swing era - the fabulous Foxtrot! Perfect for Beg/Int Dancers (non-novice) 8:15-9:15: "Night Club 2-Step: Fun Combinations" - Learn a variety of fun, innovative combinations from Ari's unique library of moves and inventions; beautiful, flowing, and elegant as always. Perfect for int/adv level NC2S-ers. CLICK HERE ( to see an example of NC2S. 9:15-9:45: Guided Practice and Social (FREE)

FIVE WEDNESDAY's: (Nov 7-Dec 5), plus free practica until 9:45pm. PLEASE NOTE: The WEDNESDAY NIGHT classes are held at China Harbor! (See directions below)

WEDNESDAY THEME: "The Blues-Swing Spectrum!"

7:00-8:00: "Full Spectrum Blues!" - Blues is danced to a wide spectrum of music, from dead-slow (micro blues), to mid tempo (walking blues), to rip-roaring (jump swing, or jukin'). This class is a wonderful entree to understanding how all of these dance energies diverge or connect, and in learning what kinds of movements and steps you can apply to each. Each week we'll tackle a different tempo, so you'll get a great overview to the world of blues! Ideal to take in conjunction with the 8:15pm "Swinging Outside The Box" class. (Level: All Levels) 8:15-9:15: "Swinging Outside The Box! (New original steps & moves combining swing, blues, balboa, and more!)" - Learn some of Ari's original swing inventions and moves that borrow from blues, balboa, and shag. Plus, explore new "alternate rhythm" phrases and conversational steps that break out of regular six-count swing. These are not only fun and inventive steps, but will push your swing to new heights! Ideal to take in conjunction with the 7pm "Full Spectrum Blues" class. CLICK HERE ( to take a look at a youtube video of our swing teaser. (Level: Int/Adv) 9:15-9:45 Guided practice and social (FREE)


All Monday classes will be held a private studio/residence in Kirkland (near Totem Lake), & and all Wednesday classes will be held in a private home/studio on Eastlake (in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood). Directions and parking details will be sent following registration. Doors open at 6:45. Come early to sign in, change shoes, stretch, warm up, etc.. All Tuesday classes will be held at China Harbor, 2040 Westlake Ave N., Seattle, WA. There is plenty of free parking available. Doors to the dance hall open at 6:45. Come early to sign in, change shoes, stretch, warm up, etc. China Harbor has a full bar and dinner menu as well.

Each class session includes over 5 hrs of instruction, 2.5 hrs of guided practice, and admission to the Tuesday or Wednesday Night Dance Practice at China Harbor!

One class = $65 Two classes = $120 ($10 savings) Three classes = $180 ($15 savings) Four classes = $240 ($20 savings)

TO REGISTER & PAY: Go to and click on the "Registration" button in the menu at the top left side of the page, or just click on Registration Page (

Payment can be made from thePayment ( page using PayPal or a credit card, or by check sent by mail, or paid at the door just before the first class. Payment by check will help you to avoid the additional online PayPal surcharge.

Class size is limited, so register early!

Full details and registration are at

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