Effective Altruism and Elections: A Discussion with Aaron Hamlin

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Green Lake Branch - The Seattle Public Library

7364 East Green Lake Dr N · Seattle, WA

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We'll be in the public meeting room at the Green Lake Branch Library

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Aaron Hamlin, CEO of The Center for Election Science, will be talking about his organization's work on improving election methods.

The Center for Election Science received a grant from the Open Philanthropy Project in 2017. Open Phil explains the importance of election reform thusly:

"We see voting system reform as a neglected area with potential to facilitate more qualified candidates, increase competition and reduce hyper-partisanship in elections, and ultimately lead to improved policy decisions. Insofar as other voting systems may be superior to plurality systems, it is because they may better realize a community’s electoral preferences, whatever those may be. These systems provide no structural advantages or disadvantages to either the Democratic or Republican parties or to any single politician. Will MacAskill, the external investigator for this grant, believes there is a strong case that approval voting is the best alternative voting system to campaign for, based both on the mathematical properties of the system and its simplicity." (From: https://www.openphilanthropy.org/giving/grants/the-center-for-election-science-general-support )

Hope to see you there!