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SGLTG: Turkey Day Preparation on Zwift

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That’s right… we are Internet famous!!! (make sure to add yourself from this link … being in the FB event or the meetup won’t actually allow you to start the event)

Come one, come all… here is our chance to lead an event on Zwift. This is a test event for us, if it goes successfully and is well attended we will have the opportunity to lead more events. If it doesn’t… we will be joining other events lead by other groups for a while longer

This will be a one hour ride on “The 6 Train”. Named for the most direct subway route between Grand Central Station and Central Park, this route covers the “middle loop” of Central Park’s three ground-level loop sections. Enjoy the fall foliage in this virtual tour (and miss any potentially nasty weather outside).

If you are not on Zwift, the minimum things you will need are:
1. A bike and trainer
2. A speed sensor that your computer can read (they can be purchased for $25 on Amazon)
3. A computer and a cell phone
4. A Zwift account (or trial)

If you don’t think you can keep up:
1. (If you have a smart trainer) Consider lowering the trainer difficulty slider… this will take some of the sting out of the hill (the won’t get as much resistance on your legs which makes it easier to spin up.
2. When we come to the hill, start as close to the leader as possible and fall back a bit on the climb
3. We are utilizing the #doubledraft … which means that riding in the group will give you a significant advantage
4. Stronger riders can pace you back to the group if you fall off
5. Consider lowering your weight for the event … (if this was a race, it would be cheating… but this is a fun social ride)
6. Do what you can … if you really can’t keep up, keep riding and chatting… it isn’t a race this should be fun

If you are “too fast” for this workout:
1. Relax and enjoy this social ride
2. Help pace people who fall off the group back
3. Do a hard workout before and use this as your recovery
4. Take a bit more of a look around, perhaps even play with view ‘0’ for the drone view and take the perfect group photo