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Ethan D.



Seattle, WA

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Feb 4, 2015

How many triathlons have you completed and what distances?

3 Ironman 70.3 events: Lake Stevens, Calgary, Coeur d'Alene and 1 Full Ironman: Coeur d’Alene

What are your triathlon goals for next year?

Keep getting stronger and faster. I have two 70.3s and one 140.6 on the calendar for 2019.

What is your favorite memory from a triathlon?

Coeur d'Alene 140.6 race finish, great crowd and overall atmosphere.

What are you hoping to get out of this group?

A community to motivate me, train with, and provide advice on how to best training and compete in triathlons

Which is your favorite triathlon discipline (swim, bike, or run), which is your least favorite, and why?

Run is favorite because I do it most often. Swim is definitely weakest as I need to improve my technique/efficiency.