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Seattle, WA

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Jun 15, 2016


Hello. Triathlete since 2011 with about 10 sprints/Olympics + Victoria 70.3 in 2016. Not only do I love doing triathlons; I'm a triathlon, swimming and running coach too.

How many triathlons have you completed and what distances?

8 - 10; sprint / Olympic / half

What are your triathlon goals for next year?

Half, maybe a full

What is your favorite memory from a triathlon?

Completing it, injury free, not being DQd or penalized, and within a reasonable time. This applies to all the triathlons I have completed.

What are you hoping to get out of this group?

A group to train with; get to know triathletes in the area. Training alone is boring :(

Which is your favorite triathlon discipline (swim, bike, or run), which is your least favorite, and why?

I'm a good swimmer; love to run; still not loving the road bike.