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Nov 30, 2013


Hello! I'm a semi-seasoned tri'er I been shooting for 1-3 a year. I was hooked after my first one.

How many triathlons have you completed and what distances?

I mostly just do the Sprint & Olympic distances and I like it. As of 2017 I've completed 13 sprints & 3 Olympics.

What are your triathlon goals for next year?

For 2018 I'm working on becoming a healthy all around athlete -- small nagging injuries have caused me to not be able to be at my full potential. All the while I'd still like to compete in my 1-3 tri's per year.

What is your favorite memory from a triathlon?

My first one in 2010 - we did it together - and in the swim the boys were swimmers but I was going all out and they were hanging back my friend was singing. -- Although in a close second was my first race with the team at Issaquah, hearing the "Go GreenLake" throughout the course made it feel extra special.

What are you hoping to get out of this group?

Group training and keeping me ready year round. I also would really like to help grow the group and be inclusive for all abilities.

Which is your favorite triathlon discipline (swim, bike, or run), which is your least favorite, and why?

Favorite is the bike, the swim is my least -- I have to think about every stroke, breath, sight and kick... it just feels un-natural to me, but I have to admit I've made big strides in my swimming and hope to keep improving.