Monday Evening Track (MET)

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Every week on Monday

Lower Woodland (Park Playfields) Track

5900 W Green Lake Way N between 65th St & N Ashworth Ave · Seattle, WA

How to find us

The track is around Lower Woodland Soccer Field #7. We'll be by the bleachers on the field

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Monday Evening Track is going back to its roots! We help runners that have the desire to improve their running speed in whatever distance they specialize in. Also welcome to join if all you want is just to run or get a workout in.

For reference, here is the pacing calculator we have been using:

**If you have never come to MET, welcome! Don’t worry about all these paces and levels below; all levels are encouraged to join, and we can explain everything to newbies when they come to practice. We will still be meeting at the Lower Woodland Track by the bleachers at 6:30 PM.

**Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we also invite everyone who comes to MET to join us at PCC in Greenlake for dinner after the workout. Once its warm, we’d like to incorporate some group core work. Then we can enjoy a jump in the lake and some fro-yo too!

**We have created this plan such that each level will be challenging themselves a little more each week. However, not so much so that if you would like to jump into the plan halfway through, you won’t feel like you are pushing too hard or hurting yourself. Additionally, you can run a completely different workout and just join us for company and accountability!

**The intervals are roughly the same for every level of runner, however, the number of times you run that interval will vary based on your experience. We have the number of recommended repetitions outlined below. A coach will lead you through a warm up and then explain the workout in more detail. If it doesn’t make sense below, don’t worry, it will by the time you start running.

**We have recommended paces based on your goal 5k time and the interval you are running in the workout. If you don’t see your time in the photo, or these times are not specific enough for you, visit the pace calculator above--compliments of my high school coach. You can also calculate equivalent times for different distances and potential percentage improvement, based on your current 5k time. Remember that everyone is different, so don’t beat yourself up if those times are a little off.

**We will be bringing laminated cards with these paces to practice, as well as a few extra watches, so you do not have to memorize them or worry if you forget your watch. But if you don’t have one, we strongly suggest you buy one.

**For the beginning runner, we recommend that these speed workouts are accompanied with a longer run at your conditioning pace, and another run or two throughout the week at recovery pace. You should also supplement with cross training and rest days as your body may not be used to using these muscles.

**For the intermediate runner, a few conditioning/recovery runs and possibly a tempo run or fartleks can be added to the week. Remember to have at least one rest day and another aerobic activity available to you that uses other muscles if you want to work out on tired legs.

**An advanced runner can add another workout to the week, depending on his or her desire to focus on speed versus mileage. We assume that you have autonomy over your running decisions, but still feel free to ask if you want!

**Lastly, but not least-ly, ALWAYS remember to listen to your body. Remember that these workouts are solely recommendations and you are always welcome to modify them to your needs and goals. Please come to a coach if you think you are on the brink of injury.

Lizzie & Mo