Seattle, WA

Joined group

Jun 1, 2012


Hi, My name's Elisa. I am one who's been running 'all my life', I joined SGLRG in 2012, and love it!

How long have you been running and do you have any bucket list goals you are motivated to accomplish?

no bucket list goals. Been running with SGLRG since June 2012, otherwise, running off and on all my life.

How did your 2018 go as far as running? Any highlights that you'd like to share?

no highlights.

Do you have any running goals for this year? Any races on the calendar for you?

Trying to keep consistency, and my running base in the 6- 10 mile range.

What’s the best way to get you to show up for one of our group runs?

Having a variety of paces really helps!