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Hermetics Weekly Meetup! Kabbalah, Evocation, Magick, Healing, and Initiation.
Please come with a curious mind and an open heart. Bring a notepad, a pen, an audio recorder, and anything else to assist you in learning.

Madison Park Starbucks

4000 East Madison Seattle, WA · Seattle, WA

What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in learning about and practicing Hermeticism, spirituality, universal law, ceremonial magic, evocation, astral travel (mental wandering,) Kabbalah, and so forth. All skill levels are welcome. We started this group to meet other light workers so that we can collaborate on working towards our magical ascents together in the most effective manner possibel. We are Looking forward to exploring the Hermetic teachings with those ready for this knowledge.

Primarily we will be working with Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics text, pore breathing, electric-mangetic fluids, working with Akasha (Wuji, Tao, God principle) and divine light. You'll learn things such as the tetra polar magnet, how to invoke spirits from the Sun sphere, and various exercises to help you have a steadfast path towards personal mastery. In addition, you will be taken through exercises in order to awaken clairvoyance, latent psychic abilities, and to have your spirit awakened so you will never be distracted from your spiritual path.

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