What we're about

We're Food Hunters, looking for the hidden gems in Seattle!

What is the group all about? We're a group of friends & friendly strangers who enjoy good food and conversation. Occasionally we play board games and get drinks, but the main hoopla is always, yep, food. We try to split meals family style always to try more dishes. If you are planning to order individually or have dietary restrictions, give the organizer a heads up.

What kind food do we eat? Is it just Asian food? We try everything. Actually maybe a good goal for the group is to try to eat every country in the world while staying in Seattle... So far we've tried 17 countries and counting: Turkish, Brazilian, Ethiopian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Kenyan, Korean, Mediterranean, Colombian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Taiwanese, and Filipino.


Help make our meetups easier by...
1) bringing cash! Or be prepared to venmo someone.

2) updating your RSVP if you can't make it! That way someone on the waiting list can join.

3) being on time! It's tough for the organizer if you're late.

Lastly- this is a Meetup to enjoy cuisine from all cultures. So we're about being respectful and open to folks from all backgrounds! Food is about bringing people together. :)


Want to organize? If you'd like to try your hand at hosting an event, message Jack or Jian! We'd love to have your taste buds lead the group to new spots.


How do RSVPs work?

1) It's good to keep in mind that the goal of RSVPs and waitlists is to get an accurate headcount of who will show up. So please do not show up late or without RSVPing.

2) Events are usually closed until 1 or 2 weeks before the Meetup. This is to minimize the # of people who sign up early on but might forget about the date later on their calendar.

3) If you are one of the organizers or a regular at our Meetups, then it's up to the event host if they want to add you to the list ahead of time.

4) We try our best to get people off the waitlist. At the same time, we understand things could change last minute for attendees, the restaurant owners, and organizers. Remember to have fun, and all's well that ends well.

5) If we see that you RSVP but do not show up 2 times or more, we may send you a message and remove you from attending future events. We hope you can understand as this is out of respect for everyone who spends their time organizing and also often order food ahead of time for larger parties.

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Buddah Bruddah

Buddah Bruddah

Great thai Hawaiian fusion. They don’t take reservations so we might have to split the group into two. See main group page for details. See you there!

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Taiwanese at Facing East

Facing East | Taiwanese Restaurant

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