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Want to invest in real estate, but not sure how to begin or how much you need to get started? Thinking of getting in the game by buying a rental, but worried about the time and effort required of being a landlord? Want the returns and tax benefits of owning real estate, but Seattle seems too expensive to get started?
Join us for some upcoming Meetups and we'll show you how to get started in owning multi-family, cash-flowing real estate buildings with all the benefits of owning real estate investment properties, but requiring none of the work, time, or headache.

Earn above-average returns, in a stable investment, with huge tax benefits of directly owning multifamily investment properties.
This is especially a great method for those who earn a good income, want to invest in a secure asset class like real estate, want quarterly cash flows from their investment without being a direct "landlord", while enjoying the amazing real estate tax benefits to offset income.

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