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If you’ve started and stopped, thought about but never found the courage, meditated or prayed for a life of purpose, love and abundance then this Meetup is for you. Hosted by life coach, writer, and storyteller Lindsey T. H. Jackson, this Meetup will help you learn practical and sustainable tools to: 1) Transform every area of your life
2) Become courageous in the pursuit of your dreams
3) Develop the self-love that is at the root of abundance.

This Meetup is right for you if you want to:

1) Take control of what is in your power to change, and stop worrying about what is not.
2) Manifest a life that is low on stress and high on abundance using my proven, practical psycho-spiritual system for personal transformation.
3) Say goodbye to the “I’m okay” mindset in exchange for the “Transformation in Process” mindset.
4) Learn to embrace feelings of shame, unworthiness, fear and resentment as useful spiritual guides.
5) Turn your finances, health, career and relationships into a daily practice of mindfulness and self-love.
6) Become a game-changer in your family and community through authentic and open-hearted leadership.
7) Figure out who you are, what you want, and how to move in the direction of your greatest hopes and desires.

Hosted by life coach, writer, and storyteller Lindsey T. H. Jackson:

"I’ve been a coach for over fifteen years and in that time I’ve heard my share of goals. I used to watch helplessly as some people stuck resolutely to their goals and others crashed and burned after their first month. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to study as much as I could about personality types, psychology, and spirituality in the hopes of unlocking a secret ‘something’ that I could share with my less successful clients. After much study and many travels to the far corners of the world I developed a methodology that has been hugely successful for hundreds of clients. Using it I have helped clients transform goals - financial, relationships, career, leadership - into complete lifestyle changes, and in doing so manifest a level of peace and abundance in their lives that they previously never believed possible."

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