• Oil Free Salish Sea-March Point Rally

    March Point Park N Ride

    Canoe Families, Kayaktivists, Bike Activists and ALL people who love the Salish Sea and believe that NOW is the time to end fossil fuel production and transport in OUR Salish Sea are invited to join us at March Point to rally..to sing..to pray..to educate ourselves about the human and environmental devastation fossil fuel brings to our land and water. We only have one home that is our Salish Sea. Kinder Morgan's Transmountain Pipeline would bring almost 1 million barrels of oil per day to our shores to be trafficked across our waters then processed at refineries such as this one at March Point. This would kill our Salish Sea after the oil spill! Kinder Morgan also plans on expanding the Puget Sound Pipeline to further increase the toxic refinery pollution coming out the refinery stacks here at March Point. The City of LaConner has one of the countries highest cancer rates in the country. We must transition to green energy sources soon to secure a future for our children that is free of giant floods, monsterous hurricanes and hundreds of forest fires. Climate disaster is now beginning and we need change now! Please use this CARPOOL link to create or join an existing carpool: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/3b8z5v This action is a show of support and solidarity with Pull Together's 9 days of action Oct 2 -15 in solidarity with the 4 First Nations that will be in court with Kinder Morgan. Please consider donating to this extremely important cause: https://pull-together.ca/9-days-solidarity-october-2-15-stand-indigenous-peoples-court/#wpforms-8270 Stand up fight back make change happen for our Sacred Water and the Ones coming behind us! For them letz walk softly on Our Mother...YƏHOW! Yəhow means to complete something together..that it can only be completed together! This is a family friendly event, there will be some BlackFish (Orca) and Salmon puppets available for any youth or adults who may wish to carry one. We will start a 1.5 walk and bike ride from the March Point Park N Ride (Elders and disabled will be shuttled) to a rally point where we will meet up with Tribal Canoes and others in marine vessels. Bring a sack lunch. We will rally from 12:30-2:30 and walk, ride, paddle and shuttle back to our starting point. Water Action: 4 Tribal canoes are committed to participation Kayakers please bring your own kayak and safety equipment Canoes and Kayaks will meet up and launch from Seafarer's Memorial Park 601 Seafarer's Way Ancacortes Wa 98221 Support Boats and crews will launch from Twin Bridge Marina (under big bridges) 11071 Josh Green Lane Mt. Vernon Wa. 98237 There are 2 boat lauchs at this location. List of Speakers includes: Cedar Parker George Ronald Day Snohomish Sladai Paul Che oke' ten Wagner More to be announced soon! Some of our supporting organizers are 350 Seattle, Mosquito Fleet, Green Peace USA, and Red Line Salish Sea. Additionally. Tokitae/Salish Sea Whale Sanctuary Proclamations will be available for signing. Children Of The Changer....Letz make some change! CAPOOL Link: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/3b8z5v

  • Gather Ideas and Meet Eachother

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    This will be out opportunity to meet each other and start to talk about ideas for actions that we might want to do. Please bring an open heart, enthusiasm and a desire to create a community of positivity! :)