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What we’re about

Do you want a place, in north Seattle, to write, share & meet other memoir writers? I do! My aim is to provide a regular time for gatherings.

Currently our group meets on Tuesday afternoons but that can change. I've had it in the evening, in the morning and on different days of the week.

Here are our weekly meetup descriptions:

We'll meet at 2pm and write for an hour in the large meeting room. Second hour we will share and critique. You may come for writing and/or sharing. Depending on the number of people the time will be split into equal parts of maximum sharing time per person. If you come during the writing portion then please slip in quietly, respecting others quiet writing time. 

I may have an occasional book review. I will post book review group ahead of time so that those interested can read and email me a good time to meetup in a month or so.

I have an itch to do the Artist's Way together. I also have an itch to watch a memoir Great Courses course on Creative Non-Fiction. Let me know if either of these things interest you!

I have also met people individually outside of the regular meeting times and in different places. If you join & become a presence in the group then I would consider having you be a co-organizer to lead groups during another time slot. I change times periodically based on best location and time in my changing life.

I have found that 5 is a great number and, although there is a wait list, the group is limited to this number.

I would like to ask those who come to pay $2 each writing session. This is purely to cover the cost of keeping the meetup group going and I will stop collecting each month when this is covered. It is not required and I don't ask in group. Just if you are able/want to.

The group has provided a great deal of structure to my writing time & benefited those coming as well. Joining other writing groups is fun & informative but focusing on this genre has been very rewarding. I look forward to meeting more memoirists. Don't take my word for it. Join & see for yourself!

I want to create a friendly, supportive space for all. Wherever you are on your journey you are welcome.