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I began this group for Male Victims of Circumcision. However, it was pointed out, and I feel the same, that, although I have many negative feelings about having been circumcised against my will, "victim" status is not something I wish to identify with. I would love to expand this group offering to include all men's sexual issues, including the results of our circumcisions, which some men feel more hurt by than others (I have found), but also the workings of our penises in regards to sex in general. There is much I do not know and am certain I will learn very much. I do want to say that I am not a fan of BSDM if it becomes "the way" a person needs to be to be turned on, as it rewires the nervous system in unnatural ways if it isn't done purely for the purpose of healing the emotional issues that contributed to the kink in the first place. I would open to discussions of fetishes, however not their perpetuation and would have to draw the line in that regard. I believe this to be a spiritual issue, not a philosophical one, that I would need to uphold as the facilitator.

Here is my offering about the problem of circumcision:

Did you know that 80% of the nerve endings in the penis reside in the foreskin? Lots of discussion and activism is in place for women who were victims of female genital mutilation. The "elephant in the room" is how widespread is the practice of circumcision to infant boys, and how unconscious and automatic is the practice, especially from the medical community. "You don't want that- here, let me cause you a lifetime of physical, psychological, and emotional suffering by removing it." We are victims of male genital mutilation and that's the straight dope. As circumcised men age, their glans becomes calloused without the foreskin to keep it moist and protected. Sex becomes numb, frustrating, and confusing. I have been on an extensive healing path for seven years, and it was disheartening to discover only recently that the origin of many of my emotional issues began on the 8th day of my life when in the Jewish religion a little boy has his penis ritually mutilated for no reason, no reason at all but, perhaps, social control. My sex life is surely not the technicolor version it could have been if my foreskin hadn't been removed. Fortunately, however, there appear to be somethings that we can do to improve the health and sensation in our circumcised penises. As well, I have 11 years experience working with individuals as both a trained and educated intuitive (i.e. psychic/clairvoyant/clairsentient, etc.) healer and bodywork practitioner. My particular gift is facilitating transformational dialogue (i.e. guiding individuals through an emotional process). There will be no nudity or hand's-on work, just me facilitating a transformational group dialogue with other men, like me, who need to heal in this specific area of our lives: the 1 inch patch of skin and nerve endings that was removed when we were infants.

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