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This group is open to anyone with an interest in heightening their spiritual awareness or for those looking to connect with like-minded individuals. We encourage positive energy and the classes are open to those interested in learning to develop and use their intuition, mediumship and psychic abilities. All skill levels are welcome. I started this group to teach others what I have learned in my 40 + years as a Professional Spirit Medium. Also as a Life-Coach, Teacher, Lecturer, Ordained Minister, and Author, I believe I have acquired the skills to help guide others to find their path. Even though I am an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, there is no dogma to follow. I believe in everyone's right to worship in whatever way they choose. I am part Cherokee Indian and also follow Native Spirituality, so feel free to discuss ANY and all topics. I would love the opportunity to meet new people and share in our life experiences, that is how we grow and learn. And you are never too old to learn from others. We hope that the space we create is welcoming, safe and comforting. Please join us for one of our events, or let me know what kind of meet-up you would like to see happen - hopefully we can collaborate together! If anyone has a suggestion for a location, I am open to anything.

Gallery Readings are offered to allow people to receive messages from their deceased friends, family and loved ones on the higher side of life. This is a fun and often phenomenal experience. I have dedicated my time and energy to connecting loved ones in the spirit world. I led the last 4 National Houdini Seances in Detroit and Las Vegas and led a weekly public seance at my metaphysical center, Mystiques~West in Michigan for the last 23 years, before moving to Seattle. I have an international clientele for whom I provide readings, spirit contact, life-coaching, spiritual insights, and grief counseling. Readings are available by appointment at 734-729-8019.

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