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This group is for people interested in functional programming in the OCaml and ReasonML programming languages, MirageOS, Owl, Reason-React, ReScript, and other libraries and tools. If you're interested in the modern OCaml ecosystem you should join us!

OCaml is an amazing programming language that is not dogmatic, values simplicity and performance, and is sound and type safe.

Reason is a programming language built on OCaml, but with a syntax that should be more familiar to developers who have experience with JavaScript and other C family languages. Reason can be compiled to native code, JavaScript, or any other language, and it has special ergonomic features for developing React applications.

Want to know more? Check out these projects:

• OCaml (https://ocaml.org/)

• MirageOS (https://mirage.io/), an OCaml-based Unikernel that makes extensive use of OCaml's functors

• Ocsigen (https://ocsigen.org/), a native, cross-platform UI framework for OCaml

• ReasonML (https://reasonml.github.io)

• Reason-React (https://reasonml.github.io/reason-react)

• Revery (https://www.outrunlabs.com/revery/), a native, cross-platform UI framework for ReasonML

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Virtual ReasonML Dojo

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Monthly ReasonML/OCaml Meetup

Seattle Public Library - Central Branch

Monthly ReasonML/OCaml Meetup


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