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To all agents of Overwatch. This is Yazan !

Thirty years ago, the Omnics declared war. The nations of the world had no answer, until they called upon a small group of heroes. Overwatch was created to rescue humanity from the Omnic Crisis. We became the greatest champions of peace and progress mankind has ever seen! You were chosen because you had powers and abilities that made you— You joined because you... You already know this... Look, the people decided they were better off without us and started playing fortnite & PUBG !!!. They even called us criminals! They tore our family apart. But look around! Someone has to do something! We have to do something! We can make a difference again. The world needs us now, more than ever! Are you with me?

Very surprised that I could not find a single group here that plays OW!!!

Still new to the area looking for overwatch enthusiast/gamers who like to chill and game.

Let's see how many pple are really interested in the game (Consloe PS4 preferably) around here and eventually this event could also be a meetup for drinks; connect and chat about ALL the heroes !

Blizzard <3

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