What we're about

As a Physical Therapist, it is fulfilling to treat patients, but can also feel draining at times. We want to create structure to keep learning and challenging ourselves,but sometimes that is difficult to create. We want to connect with other Physical Therapists but sometimes there is tension which prevents vulnerable sharing and learning. We offer great care to patients, and want to keep learning to continue to do so. But with patient visits, paperwork and our personal lives it can be challenges to set aside the time to do this.

We work in various settings with various specialties, but there are common, important threads to being an excellent Physical Therapist.

This group will focus on clinical research, anatomy, physiology, treatment approaches, holistic care, surgical aftercare, energy or light work and how it can complement Physical Therapy. We will discuss helpful courses, trouble shoot patient impairments, and support each other, acknowledging all we do to support and empower others.

Each event will last 90 minutes and will include introductions, a presentation on a topic of choice by a group member, and interactive activity helping to either connect with each other or learn a new skill or approach.

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