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Be a part of the next evolutionary step for organizations and the way we work.

Most organizations are still based on methods from the industrial age. It's time to evolve. This is a group for people to share ideas and stories on topics like Responsiveness, Complex Adaptive Systems, Self-management, Reinventing HR, Sociocracy, Organizational Culture, Open Allocation, Teal, etc.

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Self Management is Possible - and Happening in Seattle! The Qumulo Story

Agenda: ======== 6:30 - 7:00 - Food Social, sponsored by Qumulo 7:00 - 7:10 - Announcements 7:10 - Main Event: Self-management at Qumulo 8:15 - Retrospective 8:30 - Adjourn Qumulo is a hidden gem in Seattle. A successful startup serving the file-sharing industry has some secret sauce that many are not aware of. The entire engineering department is self-managed! Zero managers. It has coaches and scrum masters, but zero managers. And that is just part of what sets them apart. We are excited and delighted to have the very first meetup for this group not only hosted and sponsored by Qumulo, but our first presentation also comes from Elise Shepiro, agile coach at Qumulo and key player in the move to self-management here.

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