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The SCA is a group the recreates the social customs of Ancient World, Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. If it happened before 1601, it is a part of the SCA. You'll find Archery, Sword fighting, Armored Combat Wars, Rapier, Horse riding, Cooking, Embroidery, Pottery, Calligraphy, Illumination, Woodwork, Metalwork, Leatherwork, Costuming, Research, Weaving, Historic Board and Card Games, Jewelry Making (and much more!) and wonderful people to share these with.

We are not performers, we are participators. The SCA only functions with volunteering and making it your own. Please feel welcome and let us know how we can help you find your home with us.

We are a non-profit historical social, sporting, and hobby group with a long history and you will find branches of the SCA across the world. Please check out our Newcomers Portal (http://welcome.sca.org/) for more information

Here in Seattle, we are in the Kingdom of An Tir (http://www.antir.sca.org/). We are in the Barony of Madrone (http://baronyofmadrone.net/), with the Eastside being our Canton called Porte de l'Eau (http://porte-de-leau.org/). To our North, is the Barony of Aquaterra (http://www.aquaterra.antir.sca.org), and to our south is the Barony of Wyewood (http://www.wyewood.org/wp/).

What's on and What do I wear??
Check out the events here or on our Websites above. All are active on Facebook, too! (Madrone is here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/115548928569701/))

• We have regular events that happen every week or once a month, these events do not require garb (costume/period clothing), unless explicitly stated. These are usually meetings, training, and practice. Let us know if you are coming so we can help you feel welcome and show you around.

• We have other events that happen throughout the year that are garbed (you wear costume) and this is where the real fun happens. They may be Day Events, overnight events, or Weekend Events where camping is encouraged. If you do not have garb or gear and want to attend, just contact the Chatelaine of the group (see Contacts on the websites) and loaner garb can be arranged.

• Sometimes we have events that are open to the public as "demos" and garb is optional. This is our way of showing our wonderful world to people who haven't yet joined us.

Welcome! We are looking forward to meeting you

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