Seattle Scalability Meetup - Eastside event

This is a past event

250 people went


This meetup focuses on Scalability and technologies to enable handling large amounts of data: Hadoop, HBase, distributed NoSQL databases, and more!

There's not only a focus on technology, but also everything surrounding it including operations, management, business use cases, and more.

We've had great success in the past, and are growing quickly! Previous guests were from Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Cloudant, Microsoft, Riak, MongoDB, and more.

This month's guests:

Michael Rys PhD, Program Manager @ Microsoft.

Introducing U-SQL – A Language that makes Big Data Processing Easy.

Microsoft announced the new Azure Data Lake services for analytics in the cloud that includes a hyper-scale repository, a new analytics service built on YARN that allows data developers and data scientists to analyze all data, and HDInsight, a fully managed Hadoop, Spark, Storm and HBase service. Azure Data Lake Analytics includes U-SQL, a language that unifies the benefits of SQL with the expressive power of your own code. U-SQL’s scalable distributed query capability enables you to efficiently analyze data in the store and across relational stores such as Azure SQL Database. I will outline the motivation for U-SQL, some of our inspiration, and design philosophy behind the language, and show you a few examples of the major aspects of the language.


Denny Lee, Technology Evangelist @ Databricks.

Denny has wicked cool Spark scalability to share.

Databricks, which provides an integrated workspace for creating and managing Apache Spark analytics clusters. Databricks' vision is to dramatically simplify big data processing. It was founded by the team that created and continues to drive Apache Spark, a powerful open source data processing engine built for sophisticated analytics, ease of use, and speed. Databricks offers a cloud platform that makes it easy to turn data into value, from ingest to production, without the hassle of managing complex infrastructure, systems and tools.

Our format is flexible: We usually have 2 speakers who talk for ~30 minutes each and then do Q+A plus discussion (about 45 minutes each talk) finish by 8:45.

There'll be beer afterwards, of course!

Meetup Location:

Microsoft Building 34 - Quinault Room
[masked]th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

There is parking right outside building 34 and a parking garage behind it. After 6pm you should not have problems unless you park in handicap spots.

After-beer Location:

Daman’s Bar and Grill,

14810 NE 24th St, Redmond, WA 98052.

Doors open 30 minutes ahead of show-time. Please show up at least 15 minutes early out of respect for our first speaker.