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"Event driven services with Knative" with Ram

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Abstract: This talk is focussed on building event driven services with Knative. Ram will discuss the benefits and look at a real world use case that demonstrates how Knative eventing and GCP Pubsub is used to build event driven services. The kind that can scale from 0 to infinity and back down to 0 when idle.

After the talk we'll reconvene at a nearby location for conversations and refreshments.


6:30pm Food & Conversations
7:00pm Introduction & Announcements
7:10pm Presentation.
7:45pm We'll wrap up the talk.
7:55pm Trek to ... ?? where should we go ?? Want to sponsor the meetup or drinks, check out
8:00pm After meetup drinks & conversation at ?? TBD ??.


Bus - Almost every King County Metro Seattle Bus, plus Community Transit, and many Sound Transit Buses travel nearby this location, most on 3rd Street. The best stop to aim for is Virginia & 3rd which will put you just ~2 blocks away.

LINK - LINK will easily get you in town, but then you'll want to transfer to a northbound bus, or you *could* walk from the Westlake stop. It's about ~5 blocks or less.

Monorail - You can take the Monorail from Seattle Center/Lower Queen Anne if you want a fun touristy ride. It drops you off at Westlake which is only ~6 blocks away.

Helicopter - If you've got it, you know where you're going. Not the most convenient though, since most of the helipads are blocks (or miles) away and I think Seattle illegalized a few of the building pads. In the end, see the Bus.

Ferry - The ferry terminal is ~12 blocks or so. If you come in via the ferry it's easiest to grab any of the northbound buses on 3rd Ave, especially a Rapid Ride bus. The key stop is 3rd Ave & Virginia, which is a mere 2 blocks away from the location.

Uber/Lyft - Sure, if you gotta, they'll dump you out on 2nd Avenue at the front door.

Taxis - What dis, new era?

Car Parking - This area is in Belltown - the northern immediate very urban neighborhood of downtown Seattle - which means there are garages a few blocks away and a fair amount of on street parking. Especially on a Tuesday. The pricing varies and this location doesn't offer any valet or voucher.