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Skills Development on Lake Washington
Safety Skills Development & Paddling on Lake Washington & BBQ Are you new to paddling or been paddling a while but rusty on some of your skills or maybe you're polished and want to help out (please email me if that's the case so we can divy up the work). Safe trips start with developing our own skills, so come join us for 1.5 hours of fun on the lake. Here's what we'll go over after we do a short paddle to warm up: o Forward stokes - how to use your paddle to go someplace ;-) o Steering/Control Strokes - how to actually go where you want o Stability/Bracing Strokes - how to keep the open side up ;-) o Self Rescue - how to successfully get your butt back into a boat (and hopefully other parts too) o Rescue Assistance - how to help someone get back into their own boat or carry them to shore o General Water safety and resources - a basic overview of the rules of the water/road, what the required equipment is; little things like currents and wind, selecting your route, tide charts, current charts, navigation charts etc... What to bring: o Prepare to get wet! You might want to bring a towel and change of clothes. o Moisture wicking clothes (lycra or polypropylene rather than cotton) or a wet/drysuit. o Water bottle. There's water and restrooms at the park. o Gloves to protect from blisters. o Footware you can get wet, preferably without laces, buckles, etc that could snag something and prevent you from exiting the boat in an emergency or that could damage the boat. o Headlamp o Your sense of adventure and fun Optional: o Camera with waterproof container o Refreshments and snacks for afterwards It's best if you bring your own boat but I can bring extra boats if you need to borrow one. I have 6 single boats and 2 tandems available for this paddle. If you want to share a boat with someone, please specify with whom you are partnering or that you're looking for a partner or needing to borrow a boat in the RSVP comment. Remember if you're borrowing one of my boats, you need to call or email me at least an hour before the event if you aren't going to make it. This saves your friends from waiting while I take an empty boat back home before we launch. We'll follow up with beverages and a light dinner at Pagalacia since most of you will be hungry. Log Boom Park is at the very north end of Lk WA in Kenmore right on the Burke-Gilman Trail

Logboom Park in Kenmore

6100 NE 175th St · Kenmore, WA

Respond by: 7/18/2018

What we're about

Meet other Sea Kayakers. Get together for weeknight social paddles a few times a month. Discuss gear/plan day/overnight trips.

Previous experience/lessons not needed for some of the day paddles, recommended or required for some of the trips. Trips will be geared for intermediate to adv paddlers. Beginner trips may be added.

I'll schedule some basic safety meetups to go over things like strokes, bracing, rescues, chart reading and some of the many local resources on about a monthly basis, and would look forward to additional assistant organizers to help out with these and with putting trips together.

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