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July 26-28 camping on islands on the lower Sky, Snoqualmie and Snohomish

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In November 2012 we did a scouting trip to find camp sites for future trips.

We will meet in at the Park & Ride in Kingsgate at 3:30 or at Highbridge at 4:30 unload and launch at about 5, so we can find a suitable camping/landing spot before 8pm.

it is about 10-15 miles of paddling over 2.5 days, so mileage is low but this trip requires the ability to sprint fast to get upstream in places..

We will camp our first night on an island immediately upstream of the confluence of the Snoqualmie and Skykomish Rivers, possibly one on the Snoqualmie or if the landing sucks, then we will go up the Skykomish where this is a good island that we checked out earlier, it will be a butt kicker to fight the current upstream to get to that island, so you need to be in good shape.

This is a river paddle,

Safety - you need solid handling skills, strong eddy skills, bracing, awareness of water movement and obstacles to keep yourself safe.

Our launch is the ramp under High Bridge Road near the prison farm in Monroe about 5 miles SW from downtown Monroe.

We will do group meals with each team bringing ingredients and I will bring a group size water filter and cook kit.

main islands Snoq1- 1 big wooded one, river left in a bend just before the confluence, about 2 miles after launch. Snoq2 - 1 more sandbar style same area but midright. Sky1 - 1 about 1/2 mile upstream after the confluence on the Skykomish wooded upstream and gravelbar lower end Snoh1 - Another one just below the confluence and just before 522 Snoh2 - Another one just before and almost under 522 Snoh3 - Another small one sandbar style mid channel about 3/4 mile after 522 with a long wooded one river left that has a channel behind it that looks debris chooked Snoh4 - Another one with trees river right another half mile down one more sand bar style inside the bend river right another half mile Snoh5 - another one - big with trees mid channel in the bend one more with trees coming out of the bend Snoh 6-8 - 3 more midchannel with trees another quarter mile half mile later - river narrows at a bridge another 3/4 mile, tall raiload bridge, Cady park is on the right We will land on the islands from the downstream end or by turning and paddling upstream for better control. bring a sack lunch. Loaner Kayaks, people I am bringing kayaks for, please correct me if I missed you: Saul Holly Claudia Nataliya Meals, yes that important detail :-) I will bring a group cook kit, each person brings their own plate, bowl, cup and utensils.
, each member of a meal team is responsible to pick up the items assigned then we will cook at camp, this usually works out pretty well
The group cook kit consist of a frying pan, a large kettle, knives, spatula, wine opener, big water filter.
Friday Dinner Team: Saul, T, Nataliya Meal: Seared Ahi or Salmon Burritos, Red Wine Who brings what: Saul: Salmon or Ahi, tortilla shells(regular and gluten free), sauce T: shredded cabbage, shredded cheese Nataliya: 3 liters Red Wine
Saturday Breakfast: Team: Micheal Cline, Brian V, Larry
Saturday Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Hash browns, Sausage, Orange Juice, Coffee
Michael brings: Shredded potato for hash browns, Shredded cheese (for eggs), Pack
bacon, coffee grounds.
Brian V brings: 12 eggs, Half-gallon Orange juice, 1 Bell Pepper and one preferably
sweet onion to chop and add to eggs.
Larry brings: 12 eggs, 1 medium pack Sausages.
Scrambled eggs will be the main course, garnished with bacon, sausages, and hash browns. Saturday Lunch:

Bring your own sack lunch Saturday Dinner: Team: Nataliya, Martina, Holly, Lisa Horowitz Meal: Phad Thai, red wine, apples Who brings what: Martina & Holly: Phad Thai ingredients

Saul: Thai Wine or Beer, will leave it with the group Lisa: Apples Holly: Cider
Sunday Breakfast: Team: Nataliya, Laurie Anna K, Andy B, David Vollan, Claudia Meal: Breakfast Burritos & Coffee Who brings what: Nataliya: Eggs (2 16oz cartons of eggs in a milk carton), onions, Cheeses, tortilla shells(regular and gluten free)

Laurie Anna K: Tofu, salsa, Coffee and a press to make it in. Andy B: cream for the coffee and tea for those that don't like coffee. David V: olive oil, garlic Claudia: Coffee and a press to make it in. Sunday Lunch - we will stop somewhere.


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