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Spirituality is a practical subject. Meditation being an integral part of it, must be performed appropriately under guidance of a master. There are three material divisions i.e. Physical, Astral and Causal; and five pure spiritual divisions above them i.e. Parbrahm, Sachkhand, alakh, Agham and Anami.

Surat Shaba yoga is a natural way of raising your consciousness above the physical plane to spiritual planes by passing through the astral and causal planes. This group is welcoming group for all seekers irrespective of color, religion, ethnicity, religious beliefs and other outside barriers to pursue pure spirituality as taught by great masters. This form of meditation is not new and is taught since the time of ancient Egypt, Greece, Sumerian civilization, Christ, Guru Nanak and Kabir.

Please join for step by step introduction to the path. Our ultimate aim is of the unity of man via spiritual awakening.

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