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Post-GDC Unity Overview... Did someone say Unity 5?!

Hosted by Brandon W.
From Seattle Unity User Group

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Unity 5! Well now we can talk about what Carl will be talking about! ;-)

Join our favorite Unity evangelist Carl Callewaert (@CarlUnity ( for a conversation about Unity's latest and greatest features, fresh off GDC! We can't talk about what he will talk about just yet, but you wouldn't want to miss this.

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  • Chris E.

    Having not attended GDC 2014, this meetup was a good alternative for me to see Unity 5 in person. Unfortunately, there was not much technical information provided from the presentation nor were there Unity engineers available to answer specific technical questions, so my understanding of Unity 5 remains restricted to only the bullet points flashed by in the preview video.

    4 years ago
  • Doug M.
    For the MS Unity sessions.

    4 years ago
  • Cherubini

    If you want to get messing around with reflections now. you can grab LightShape free from the asset store.

    It includes a pretty cool non IBL shader.

    4 years ago