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This group is open to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have any affiliation with Seattle University. Join us to talk about all topics related to web development. We welcome novice and experienced web developers alike.

We will work to build a community of web developers based on the following goals: Building our technology skills in order to become more capable developers; building our understanding of the cultural context of websites and technology in order to become more thoughtful developers; building our connections and relationships with other professionals in order to become more successful developers.

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Career Planning and Readiness

Wycoff Auditorium, Seattle University

This month we welcome Alexandra Karlen and her team for a presentation and Q&A session on career planning and readiness. This presentation helps fulfill our goal of providing members with networking and career advancement opportunities, so we're very excited to be able to host this session. As a leading creative staffing agency, The Creative Group (TCG), (http://creativegroup.com/)specializes in connecting interactive, design, marketing, advertising, and public relations talent with the best companies. In Seattle, TCG works with over 200+ companies, everything from the giants to the startups. Please come and meet the local Seattle team and their suggestions on career readiness including: • interview tips • resume/portfolio guidance • market knowledge • building professional relationships Her presentation will be followed by a Q&A session!

Introducing Blockstack and Serverless Applications

Wyckoff Auditorium, Bannan Engineering Bldg

ComA Blockstack Engineering Partner will introduce Blockstack - An open source network where developers can build decentralized applications. User access applications that work in a different way than traditional ones. They manage their own identity across the entire ecosystem and store information in their provider of choice. Blockstack is very different from traditional applications where the information and authentication system is closed behind the companies’ servers. It is a gateway for a whole new breed of applications and possibilities. The Engineering Partner will also introduce Blockstack’s App Mining Program - an incentive mechanism that allows small teams to bootstrap without advertising or venture capital. Each month, qualifying apps compete to be ranked by expert App Reviewers—the better their app is, the higher the payout they earn. A total of $100k dollars are being paid out every month.

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