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Seattle Web App Dev Group is here to support developers building web applications using programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and toolsets. We're here to support the web programmers of the Seattle metro area, whatever language or platform you are using. If you are interested in the client side, the server side, desktop, mobile, you name it, as long as it involves programming the web, we got you covered.

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Busy Developer's Guide to Angular

Chef Software Inc.

Speaker: Ted Neward Abstract: Now that Angular has established itself as one of the single-page application (SPA) stacks for building rich clients in the browser, it might be time to get familiar with it. Though not difficult to learn, it can be a bit overwhelming for the newbie, particularly those without some familiarity to the concepts and approaches that the 'highly-opinionated' Angular endorses and enforces, known as 'The Angular Way'. In this presentation, we'll go through the necessary steps to get started with Angular, understand some of its core concepts, and lay down a basic foundation of understanding the framework that will enable you to go ahead further on your own. Bio: Ted Neward is an industry professional of twenty years' experience. He speaks at conferences all over the world and writes regularly for a variety of publications across the Java, .NET, and other ecosystems. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, two sons, dog, four cats, eight laptops, seven tablets, nine phones, and a rather large utility bill. Schedule: Doors open at 6:00 pm. Food arrives around 6:05. Presentation starts at 6:30. Building access until 6:40 pm. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW LOCATION AT CHEF SOFTWARE! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET INTO BUILDING AFTER 6:40 PM, SO BE ON TIME! Other: As always, the meetup is completely free. Thanks to Chef Software for hosting us this month. TEK Systems will be providing pizza.

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