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We are very driven pack of women from all walks of life and various backgrounds formed this group with sole intention of helping each other, inspire and grow together :)

Any one as busy mom, full-time working professional, entrepreneur, business owner, new in Puget Area, local, absolutely in any phase of your life - if you EVER wondered about owning MULTIPLE properties and felt overwhelmed then this group is for you.

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Cashflow and Investing Principles!


In the Rat Race its like life, you go paycheck to paycheck and the objective is for you to create passive income to match or exceed your expenses. Once you do that you're in the Fast Track. From there your main problem is an excess of cash and finding investments to sink it into. Cashflow 101 is a board game designed by investor, businessman, and self-help author Robert Kiyosaki to serve as a resource for learning basic financial strategies and accounting principles. The board has two tracks: A "Rat Race" small circle, and a "Fast Track". It's said that how you play this game is how you live your life. During this game night we will teach you how you can quickly break habits to help you get out of the Rat Race and grow your own real estate/business empire. __________ **Please download the Cashflow 101 App and have your phones fully charged prior to game time. See you there! If you are interested in attending, please send text CASHFLOW to (425) 270 - 7692

Seller Financed Notes


Have you heard of investing in notes to generate significant passive income yields? Or about Seller Financed Notes? Join us to learn about Seller-Financed Notes workshop, where the facts will be revealed and fiction will be dispelled by a true professional in this strategy, Jeff Armstrong. Jeff Armstrong teaches a 7-step process with techniques on how to locate, compile information on, negotiate the purchase of, and structure a note purchase secured by real estate where a note holder accepts a discount off the balance of the note for a lump sum of cash instead of payments over time. Once you learn and follow the steps correctly you will be able to repeat the process for profitable investing. Speaker: Jeff Armstrong As a current practitioner, entrepreneur, author, trainer and speaker, Jeff Armstrong brings over 33 years of real estate experience (26 years in the note business). He is currently the President and Owner of Armstrong Capital, a unique niche business in the real estate industry, specializing in the marketing, negotiating, processing, brokering, and purchasing of existing, performing first position individually held seller-financed real estate secured notes on the secondary market nationwide. This Workshop cost $50 If you are interested in attending, please send text NOTES to (425) 270 - 7692

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