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I feel that lately, there are signs that we are unnearthing the divine feminine. I also believe that women are still not being heard. Our bodies are still up for someone else to make choices about. Our minds are not shining as brightly as they can. I am hearing the call of the Wild. Are you?

Maybe you have been feeling the call to listen to your inner self, feeling the need to reconnect to the person you know you’ve always been. Maybe you have trouble honoring the voice within that offers guidance.

In circle, we aim to lift one another up in support. We welcome all emotions, all stories, and recognize that everyone will be at a different point on their journey. Despite our differences, our yearning to stay connected to our individual true north is an experience strengthened from hearing others’ experience, feeling connected and supported in flexing the (sometimes uncomfortable) muscle of being guided by Self. Radical Self Love, Trust in Self, Authentic Self and Self Discovery are all components of returning to our Wild Self.

In circle we will discuss readings, listen to others share their challenges, experiences, reflections and then have time for personal inner reflection via art journaling, writing, meditation or other quiet activity.

There is no handbook outlining the journey. But there is a thread that runs between all Women and I believe we can pull strength from reconnecting with other Women on their healing paths. We hope you do too.

We see the unique power, gifts and teachings each Wild Woman already embodies. We are born with an understanding, natural talents, and truths inside each of us. Through Sisterhood we hope that you will have the chance to tap into your Own innate wisdom and be called to share with your Sisters. We envision a safe space in circle, where each active link has the opportunity to share their precious teachings with the rest of us.

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