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Apple, Xcode, mobile computing, and iOS have come a long way since 2007.

iOS devs have been at the forefront of technologies like LIDAR, depth sensors, touch screens, object recognition, and Augmented Reality. Today's App market is driven by companies and individuals who develop highly creative iOS based games, entertainment, and productivity apps for the iPhone/iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

This meetup group is a dedicated community of iOS developers committed to helping beginners and experts lead the way in an exploration of tools and techniques to build better apps to run on Apple devices.

Please join us and share the knowledge!

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Multi Git repository Xcode projects with the Repo tool
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Hi Kevin,

the following is a talk I'd like to propose for your audience.

Multi Git repository Xcode projects with the Repo tool
As we get used to deliver many iOS applications, it's highly possible that every new application reuses portions of existing ones (e.g., the sound system, animation transitions, etc.)
Is there any way that we can "see" reusable source code as part of our applications, while merging its changes in their own repos? That way, any improvement we do, would be available to other apps that aggregate that code, by just catching the latest changes up.

Google Repo is an enhancement to Git that enables multi-repository coordination. That way, we can easily get the entire code base, debug indistinctly application code or library code (e.g., step-into) while making sure that changes to the reusable code base don't need to be back-ported to existing applications.
In this talk, we'll see how the Repo tool works. How it can be easily configured for general cases or for particular needs. This talk includes live demos and shareable code that attendees can fork for their own tests.

(Special needs: Internet connection with access to GitHub.)

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