Lightning Talks!!

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Lets all share what the fun work is that we are doing with R! Please sign up at:

The meeting will be in our usual spot in the Arnold building, check the map for details (enter where the blue arrow points downward):

Those interested should prepare a short 5(ish) minute presentation on a topic of their choice relating to or using R.

Once you have submitted, you will be added to the description of this event!

Lightning Talks Submitted!

Tim Hesterberg : Two visualizations - better boxplots, and barplots that show uncertainty

Ryan Hafen : I will demonstrate a simple but flexible way to interactively visualize data in detail with R using TrelliscopeJS. This is a modern implementation of the Trelliscope package that I presented at this user group nearly 5 years ago, that is more powerful and plugs directly into ggplot and tidyverse workflows.

Ben McCary: We all copy and paste code to speed up our workflow, but with a little bit of local optimization you can create a template to generalize the steps from EDA to production data model. This talk describes how to build that template, the pieces involved, and how to build more for your own use case.

Peter Shaw: I'll show Voronoi polygons as a way of interactively visualizing 2D Kmeans clustering and aggregation