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Greetings everypony! It is my understanding that quite a few people play Magic The Gathering and was wondering if anybody was interested in joining myself this Friday for my local store's FNM (Friday Night Magic). The night would be filled with fun, friends, and everyone laughing at Spikey-Wikey because he never gets his land drop 3 (for those who don't know what that means we CAN TEACH YOU!).

As of now the location would be at World Of Collections right off of highway 99 west of Lynwood. I myself would be willing to give a ride to anypony (seriously, is it anybody or anypony? Or do we even do that here?) in the Lynwood area! As well as the Bothell area!

However, there is one small condition to all of this. I get off of work at 6pm on Friday and sadly that is the exact time when the FNM starts for the good people at World of Collections. But, if I give them enough notice we can easily get a group of us in a little after the start and play a few games ourselves!

We will be playing casual magic so feel free to bring your favorite decks from home! Anything from the duel decks, to constructed, to anything else you feel like bringing! I myself will also be willing to trade some cards if anyone is interested so bring your "trade binders" (or whatever you call them) if you are interested! I will also be bringing some 30 card decks if anyone is wanting to learn how to play!

World of Collections closes at 10pm so that gives us a solid 3 hours of playing magic. Afterwards if we are all wanting to get some food, there is the local Thai food resurant, as well as the new Dick's drive in!

It is sure to be loads of fun! I hope to see you all there!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!


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