Monday Night Mahjong

Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club
Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club
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Microsoft Commons Submixer

15253 NE 40th Street · Redmond, wa

How to find us

We are in the southeast side of the building near the Indian restaurant. Easiest entrance is through the patio.

Location image of event venue


The new location is not where Meetup denotes, but the smaller building just to the south.

• Map with areas highlighted (
• Directions can be found here (

For the closest parking in the garage, follow the signs for Studio D (Blue Section). Take the elevator or stairs to the plaza level. Turn right out of the elevator (or left out of the stairs), and follow the first sign for bldg 92. Then turn right at the sign pointing you toward the Commons. Turn left at the sign for the Commons with “Submixer” at the bottom. Follow the path by the bldg to the patio doors of the Submixer. ____________________________________________________________

*****For those needing to learn, you are welcome to come by and we will have people available to teach and help you learn the game.

***** We are now running 2 hanchan each night. You do not have to stay for both sessions.

Please observe the following etiquette rules while playing (

Since there are many variations on the rules of Riichi mahjong the simplest way to reflect our ruleset is that we play with the World Riichi Championship Rules 2015 edition ( with the attached variations (

There's also an online primer provided by Daina Chiba of the UK ( covering strategy so you can hit the ground running!