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Details - a Case Study in What Not to Do (Before) and What to Do (After), by Super Julie Braun

6 years ago, armed with enough information to put together a simple WordPress site, we knew just enough to be dangerous. We will demonstrate that our lack of know-how, knowledge and general tech skills put our business in jeopardy, tortured our users, and generally gave us a head and heartache. We will cover the trials and tribulations of what not to do. Our new website has been up since June 16 and has visibly and statistically improved. Remarkably, the biggest difference is having the right people working on the right project.

Oh, by the way, our new site, has been created 100% by virtual interns.

Super Julie Braun is the Cofounder of ( and has worked with thousands of virtual interns all across the country. As the thought leader of virtual internships, she is committed to helping businesses and interns of all kinds -- veterans jumpstarting their careers, stay-at-home moms and dads wanting to go back to work, unemployed professionals, students and more -- to grow and work towards accomplishing their professional goals. She is also the Co-host on The Price of Business - Bloomberg News Radio, Co-host on Creative Chat Café and a contributing blogger for more than 5 business blogs on the topic of everything concerning virtual interns and internships.

As always, the Seattle WordPress Meetup is a free, non-judgemental place for people of any skill level, interest, or background to come and learn, share, and participate in our amazing WordPress community. We hope you'll join us this month for Super Julie's presentation, then stick around for Q&A and networking.

Doors open at 6pm, things kick off at 6:30pm. Things usually wind down by around 8:30pm.

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