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Feeling like life has delivered you some bad blows?

Been dramatically impacted by incidences in your life to date?

Been stuck in a dark place and feel ready to crawl your way back out again?

In need of support to assist you with taking the next vital steps?

Hello everyone!

I recently joined this site and think it’s a fantastic idea however the kind of group I am really looking for doesn’t appear to exist near me.

So, I thought I’d try to fly a kite and see if there are others out there in similar situations.

If you are, or have been in a dark place through events that have knocked you back in your life (be it work related, relationship related or other) and are ready to get back out there and face the world again but find that all of your friends have moved on with their lives and you do not wish to burden them any further, the intention of this group is to fill that void and help to support one-another in getting back out there.

It is not intended as a dating site but is just to be able to gather with like minded people and re-gain faith in the human race!

If this is of interest to you, I would love to hear from you to exchange experiences (or not – it could be just to socialize, turn off that Love Island rubbish and leave the house!) and as a group motivate one another on this very steep hill ahead of us.

Many thanks for your time,


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Second Chances Sixth Official Meetup

Harvester Port Solent

Hello all! It's time for the next meetup in our bid to form a strong core group to support one-another through these difficult times. The venue is the same as it has been for the previous events - the Harvester at Port Solent. I am sticking with this venue and time for the initial meetings whilst the group develops as I have generally had good feedback on it in terms of accessibility/free parking/etc and it's a nice place to sit down and have a chat with drinks and food is available for anyone who wants to grab some (but it is not an official sit-down meal). The ethos, as usual for this group, is relaxed and there are no tie-ins so everyone may come and go as they wish ... arrive late ... leave early ... stay all night!! As I can no longer rely on the British summer for 'open-air' meetings, we will be meeting upstairs in the Harvester (take the stairs immediately as you walk in through the doors) - there are several tables upstairs where we will gather instead. If anyone can not find us or gets lost, my mobile number is: [masked] Looking forward to seeing you there! Many thanks, Andy

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Second Chances Fifth Official Meetup

Harvester Port Solent

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