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Every Second Saturday at 7:00, we'll gather in South Philly to play board games, strategy games, card games and games of all shapes and sizes. Bring a game, bring some snacks, bring a friend, and meet some people... but please don't bring zombies. They make such a terrible mess.

For Whom? We're teen & family friendly and we make a great Cheap Date, especially since we added the no-zombies rule.

Cash Needed? There's no cover charge, because the Awesome Space is freely given by Circle of Hope. But, if you want to throw down a donation for the cups and napkins and stuff, that'd be cool.

Where Are We? Circle of Hope is located at 1125 South Broad St. / 2nd Floor. We're above Circle Thrift on the East side of Broad, South of Washington and there's usually street parking in the area.

Hungry? We provide soda and lemonade and would love it if you'd bring a bag of chips or some tasty hummus. Gaming and munchies go well together.

Really Hungry? We'll collect Pizza Orders around 8pm -- $5-6 for a half pizza and we'll pick 'em up from PapaJohn's for your uninterrupted gaming convenience.

We've had an awesomely fun run of Game Nights this year & we're looking forward to having you hang out with us! See you next Second Saturday!

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