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LOVE Dim Sum? Learn To Make Delicious Dim Sum!
Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the link provided (RSVP is not enough) For Tickets and More Info click here ( Calling all Dim Sum addicts... Come and learn how to make restaurant standard fresh steamed Dim Sum in this unique half day dim sum class in London! At this dim sum cooking class, your instructor at London Cookery School will guide you step by step through all of the different stages required to make the perfect dumplings - from making and rolling the dough, to preparing and mixing the fillings, to forming the parcels and finally cooking them! Whilst embarking on your dim sum making, you'll learn about the different ingredients, fillings and equipment needed, an introduction to Dim Sum etiquette - what to do and what not to do, what to order and the order to order in! You'll also discuss the different Chinese teas available in restaurants, and how to find one you like. Throw in a lesson in Cantonese, where you'll learn how to pronounce the different types of Dim Sum which you've made. This is a dim sum making experience not to be missed! At the end of the dim sum cooking class, you will sit with the rest of the group and enjoy your homemade creations - it's mouth watering just to think about! Everything that you need for the dim sum making will be provided but if you have a favourite apron please bring it along. This dim sum class in London is suitable for complete beginners so you require absolutely no previous experience to join in! The workshop will cover the following steamed Dim Sum: Har Gow 蝦餃 (Prawn Dumplings) Chiu Chow Fun Gwor 潮州粉果 (Chiu Chow steamed dumplings) Sui Mai 燒賣 (Open top Steamed Pork Dumplings) DIETARY REQUIREMENTS The host can cater for different dietary needs. Eg: Vegetarian Vegan Pescatarian Gluten Intolerant Non Pork Other dietary requirements - simply let Will know when booking by messaging him through the Funzing site. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Recipes in this class contain: PORK, PRAWN, SESAME, GLUTEN, SOYA, EGG Recipes in this class do not contain beef or dairy. EATING TIME The group will eat towards the end of the dim sum class so please bear this in mind. e.g. for a 6:30pm start, you'll usually finish the dim sum making by 8:30pm so will eat around 9pm. For a 11am start, you'll usually finish making around 1:30pm so will eat around 2pm. For a 5pm start, you'll usually finish making around 7:30pm so will eat around 8pm. For Tickets and More Info click here (

Holloway Road, London, N7

Holloway Road · London