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"Ask Me Anything!" -- Local Religious & Secular Folks Dialogue

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Secular Bible Study, in co-sponsorship with the Christian seminarians of Luther Seminary, the atheists of MN Atheists, the humanists of Humanists of MN, and the plurationalists of First Minneapolis CIrcle of Reason, is co-sponsoring a special reasoning dialogue:

"Ask Me Anything!" -- Local Religious & Secular Folks Dialogue (


How to Sign Up (Register + RSVP):

1. Register for the above free event with light dinner, at EventBrite at .

2. RSVP here, too -- so SBS will know who from our group will be attending.

3. Do the above soon! Attendance is limited to 40 participants total!

[ATTENDANCE UPDATE FROM FRANK (T minus 8 days and counting): 40 attendees registered -- 7 from SBS &/or FMCOR + 7 from Humanists of MN + 12 from MN Atheists + 14 from Luther Seminary &/or the public. Zero slots currently left! (Sorry, one snoozes, one loses...) Get on EventBrite's waitlist at the above link, and you may be able to attend if other EventBrite registrants back out a few days before the April 1 event, or if attendee limit is expanded by the organizers.]


Event Flyer: Read/Download it here ( from our Secular Bible Study Files page.


Time, Place & Locale: Tuesday, April 1 (no joke!), 6:15-8:45 PM, Luther Seminary, Northwestern Hall, 1501 Fulham St., St. Paul, MN, 55108 (park downhill in back of the hall, off Hendon Street).

Event Format: Structured-to-open dialogue over light dinner (provided courtesy of Luther Seminary & The Circle of Reason), with emphasis on reasoning rather than emotional communication, to listen to and share different personal worldviews. Attendance limited to 40.


Event Purpose:

Why do the Luther Seminarians want reasoning dialogue with Atheists, Humanists, Plurationalists and other members of our local religious and secular communities?

In the words of Secular Bible Study Meetup member and Luther Seminary Master's Degree Student (and Event Host), Ms. Jessi Vachta:

"I think it's important to mend the sacred/secular divide by encouraging positive dialogue between the religious and the non-religious. For Christians in particular, there is an argument to be made for dialogue with the non-religious -- and for the religious and non-religious to chip away at misconceptions and consider each other's contributions to meaning-making and to the pursuit of the common good. This open dialogue between our Christian Luther Seminary students, the members of our Atheist, Humanist and Plurationalist communities, and members of the local public, is being organized in the hope that all our diverse participants have something to say, and something to gain. The forum's questions & discussion prompts will be structured by the interests of our attending participants, so when you Register at the EventBrite link to the event, please answer our survey questions (which we'll later anonymize) to let us know your most important questions/issues to suggest bringing up in this 'Ask Me Anything' dialogue."


Why should you attend this public, free event?

To change the world, of course! "Interfaith" has for too long been a club in which the secular community wasn't welcome to talk with the religious community. No more!

So come on over to Luther Seminary and talk with the seminarians and the public, to help "transbelief dialogue" take flight (and not on the wings of angels!) The principles of open mindedness, acceptance, discovery, sincerity, curiosity, and brevity will guide our reasoning conversation, seeking to bring as much light and as little heat as possible. All are welcome to this public and free event and light dinner (but register early or miss out)!

Don't miss this first-ever public Joint Luther Seminarian & Local Secularists Meetup Event, "Ask Me Anything!" RSVP "YES" today!