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CTF Saturday - Practice

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Indianapolis Public Library

40 E Saint Clair St · Indianapolis

How to find us

Grabbing a room will be spur of the moment. We'll initially be in the special collections on the top floor. We'll update it this is not the case.

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This is a special event. We are going to attempt one of the many CTF, or vulnerable VMs that have been previously released in order to get some additional practice when going through CTFs.

I know myself I find it difficult just to sit down, and do some of this stuff.

We have done these before, but it has been a month or 2 since our last one.

What should you expect?
- This will be a group learning environment. There is not a single specific instructor to help you work through a specific CTF, or give you the commands. The goal of this is to learn for yourself, get ideas from other people, or do the research needed to properly understand how to tackle a given scenario. The CTFs are previously released, and will generally have guides that people have created for walkthroughs. Try not to rely on these, but can help get over that hurdle if someone is truly stuck.

What should you bring?
- You need to bring at least your laptop with your power cord, and maybe an ethernet cable.
- The latest and updated version of Kali that is functional to the internet, or your host laptop network.
- Virtualization software if you choose to do that, VMware, or VirtualBox.
- Familiarity with linux commands
- Some snacks, or sodas (if you want, I'll be probably bringing some stuff to share).

The content of this will be sent out at least a week in advance in order to at least download the VMs. From previous meetings, it is really easy to burn away 3 or 4 hours of the day just trying to configure, and install VirtualBox, and trying to get it to communicate across VMs.

A poll will be sent out to registered members of the event to figure out what CTF we should try to conquer.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to send a message to the board.