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Scheduling the first meetup for Sunday, December 9th.
This will just be a day for character creation, getting acquainted with each other and the rules, and me formulating a plan for how to make sure I create a good campaign for everyone involved.
I have most of the 5e material, if you want to bring your own, that would probably be helpful. I have lots of dice, but hey, the more the merrier. I can print out character sheets - so no big deal there. All you REALLY need to bring is yourself and maybe a pencil and eraser.
This is at my house. Bryan is planning on bringing extra chairs because I don't have that many. Also, I have a dog - he's a 60 lb pitbull...let me know if that's something that's gonna freak you out.
Please send any inquiries, comments, questions, etc, to me.
Also, if anyone has requests for food or drinks, please let me know.